Legumes, The Fibre Specialist

  • By Jen OG
  • April 27, 2022
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Did you know that Legumes are an excellent source of fibre? They really are the specialist with so many benefits, not to mention recipe options!!

Legumes provide one of the five daily recommended serves of fruit and vegetables for healthy living. Why is fibre important you ask? Well, there are two different types of fibre essential to a healthy, functioning body: Soluble and insoluble fibre, both necessary for optimal human body performance and easy to include in your diet, you are probably already doing it, so well done you!!

1). Soluble fibre: Found in plant food including fruits, vegetable and legumes contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, iron, magnesium, folate and zinc. Whole green lentils are slightly higher in fibre than red lentils, however both are a great way to gain sustained energy for training. Fibre helps to slow the emptying of the stomach leaving you feeling fuller for longer. When working out, muscles need help to repair, legumes are an excellent source of protein. Easily digestible soups with a base of legumes and beans, such as those in an Italian Soup Mix, contain the protein needed for good muscle growth and post training repair. Handy for a late dinner after training when you need to get to sleep ready to get up and go again the next morning! (Magnesium can help with sleep and muscle soreness/cramping).

2). Insoluble fibre: is also essential to health and digesting the benefits of fibre such as that gained from Legumes. Nuts, breads and cereals, and the skin of fruits and vegetables help to absorb the water in the bowel to soften the contents to support regular bowel movements, a necessary process for health and vitality.

Legumes have quite the profound job description! As an excellent source of fibre and protein without the fat content of other protein sources, they can help to lower the prevalence of heart disease, the largest killer of Australians!

So, three cheers for the mighty LEGUME!!!, they will fuel you up for training, help your digestion and repair your muscles following your quality training and exercise… Go LEGUMES go!!

Check out some recipe options NOW 😊

Your Fit Advisor,

Tan x

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