Tips for Healthy Easter Eating

  • By Jen OG
  • April 14, 2022
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Easter is my favourite festival of food appreciation.  Fit Advisor says yes to personally conducting an annual hot cross bun survey to find the best bun with the most satisfying ratio of fruit to bread. The dried fruit is perfect way to give a quick boost before or after your workout, you can check out the benefits of dried fruit in my previous article.

Historically, Easter has depicted a time for rebirth. It provides a little time out to re-organise well-being and health, a magnificent little bit of time to break from work and take to the outdoors, hike, cycle, walk and talk with friends and loved ones.

My tips for healthier Easter eating include:

  • Happiness is key! Enjoy the foods you choose, enjoy the people that you share it with, laugh as often as you can! Remember dark chocolate is thought to contain some serotonin enhancing ‘feel good’ vibes.
  • Balance: Traditional Easter foods (eggs, buns etc.) with green foods, nuts and more nutritious calorie intake. The good news is that in Yujin, L (2017) et., Al.  completed a study demonstrating that in moderation dark chocolate consumed with almonds had favourable effects on markers of heart disease. A little stretching and moving will help to counter act the sitting with loved ones.
  • Intermittent movement: Did you know that with the right motivation an adult rabbit can jump 4-5 feet straight up in the air? Perhaps take a leaf out of the Easter bunny’s book, intermittent movement with short breaks in between sets will help the energy in, energy out equation, and stabilising of the glucose in the body to avoid the sugar lows and unplanned naps!
  • Zero deprivation: Easter is a time of gathering and celebrating! Humans tend to be drawn to whatever it is that they are deprived of… Enjoy what you like in moderate amounts.  Perhaps conduct an Easter egg hunt so that there is activity to find what you desire. Avoid attaching ‘good’ or ‘bad’ labels to food, it is just ‘FOOD’.                                            Moderation…. Moderation…..Moderation….Enjoy!!
  • Maintain hydration: Your body will love you for it! It will aid digestion, keep your skin and muscles supple and allow your body process to operate at an optimal level.
  • Allow rest: Be kind to yourself, it takes energy to allow your mind to slow down while you practice deep breathing!

What is not to love about Easter!!  It is my favourite food celebration, all in moderation of course!!

Fit Advisor says YES to Easter food traditions!! Happy Easter All!

Your Fit Advisor

Tan x


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