Meet Dr Tanya Cates

  • By Jen OG
  • November 4, 2021
  • In News


Hi there,
My name is Tanya, but you can call me Tan, I am excited to be ‘your’ Fit Advisor… reporting for duty!

Movement is and has always been fun for me, I love it! It can and does always make you feel so good! I do however understand this is not the case for everyone and that is why I have dedicated my life and career to understanding movement literally from the inside out. I have been involved in the wellness/fitness industry since I was 14, so around 31 years-ish, I am still not tired. I enjoy helping people to be fit, well, have fun and generate the best energy that they possibly can, helping them ease through their daily demands.

I get to enjoy meeting people as a Fitness instructor, Exercise physiologist, Pilates Practitioner, Educator of Instructors (Balanced Body Master Trainer), Lecturer of anatomy with a PhD in ‘ENGAGEMENT IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITY’. So, you might say, I am a Dr of getting involved and having fun! I truly believe there is a best fit exercise plan for everyone, and it will largely be driven by you.. you will have the answers inside you. My work is a great gig and, I love helping people find their passion for wellness and exercise, whether you are a child, teenager, or a more mature, wise adult. I would love to help you find the exercise that is fun, achievable, satisfying and challenges you.
I am thrilled to be joining with JC’s quality foods to present you with some exercise and wellness tips. I can’t wait to get fit with you and guide you to find your joy in movement, this will be fun, here we go!!


Fit Advisor applies a unique combination of anatomical expertise, advanced education and engagement methods, with wisdom and experience to revolutionise physical activity and well-being for the future.