Festive Fitness

  • By Jen OG
  • December 23, 2021
  • In News


Tis the season to be festive fit!!!

Tan here, your Fit Advisor (and lover of shoes),  Let’s talk about festive fitness!!  I was thinking about priorities for this time of year, these points stood out to me.

To be ready for this festive season we need to release activate and strengthen our muscles in your feet!!

Fashion, fitness, and wellbeing are a serious game during this festive season. Here are a few simple tips to be ready for kicking up your heels and to last the distance.



  1. Massage your feet with spiky balls, walk on stones, use your thumbs, remember to separate your toes and encourage some flexibility in the foot… The benefits of massage are to get the blood flowing and helps to prepare tissues and muscles for the long bouts of festive dancing.
  2. Activate your feet… You can use a towel, theraband, or my personal favourite… The sand. Practice scrunching the towel with your toes. Strengthen your ankles by pushing the towel across the floor in one direction and return the opposite way… This is great preparation for wearing the stilettos
  3. Strengthening: Standing calf raises-it is likely the festive season will have you on your feet for longer than normal periods of time, dancing Hopefully. To strengthen we need to add resistance and there is none better than gravity. So get on up, put the music on and rise up on your toes quickly and lower slowly, try 15- 20 repetitions take a mini break then do two more sets.

Challenge: use faster music for quicker pace, do extra repetitions, Prance a little dropping one heel at a time, try the calf raises standing on one leg,… The festive season sometimes throws you off balance so let’s change the direction, stand on one foot and turn your head side to side, open and close your eyes, pass away to or any object around your body six times in One Direction and then swap back the other way change legs.


Tip: base your decision for shoes on the length of dance endurance required on the night or day, this is not a sprint, pace yourself and make good choices 😊


Happy holidays xx