5 of the Best Beans and Lentil Dishes From Around the World

  • By Jen OG
  • July 6, 2020
  • In News


At J.C’s we love creating meals that not only improve your health but also feed the soul. That’s why we’re very much in love with the legumes and beans family. Not only are they a great source of protein and fibre but they’re versatile enough to go with a variety of dishes whether cold or hot.

To celebrate our love of all things bean and lentil we’ve picked our top 5 dishes that include these super foods from all over the world. We hope they’ll even inspire your next meal to feature more legumes!


Dahl Makhani

A classic staple, no south Indian menu is ever complete without the availability of a hearty dahl. While different regions often use different types of lentils in their specialty dishes, we think a nice Yellow Lentil suits most tastes so long as the right herbs and spices are used. Top the whole thing off with plenty of coriander, chili and serve with a side of bread. You’ll be savouring this warm dish from start to finish and wiping your bowl clean.


Refried Beans (Frijoles)

Another staple meal but this time hailing from the Americas, is refried beans also known as frijoles. Refried beans consist of boiled and mashed beans with the released starches used to create a smooth paste like dish. Partnered with “cilantro and onion” for some added freshness or boiled with ham hock for extra flavour and you’ve got a moreish dish that you won’t get enough of.


Chickpea or Lentil Hummus

Venture down any main street in Tel Aviv and you’ll find plenty of restaurants offering fresh hummus and sides. But this isn’t the cold hummus dip you know, but rather, a warm hummus bowl that comes with fresh pita bread, broad bean sauce and plenty of fresh salad on the side. While chickpeas are the most common base of these warm bowls, we’re huge fans of red lentil hummus. With the right spices, a twist of lemon and plenty of garlic this meal will keep you 100% satisfied body, mind and soul.

Tuscan White Bean Stew

Back in the bean corner, we’ve got an absolute classic. There’s nothing more hearty or delicious than the Tuscan white beans the way nona makes them. Featuring braised cannellini beans (or Great Northern beans), tomato sauce and the options of plenty of veggies, there’s no other stew more jam packed than a Tuscan bean stew. A great winter warmer with all the nutritional and benefits you need to see you through the day.


Greek Lentil Salad

A cold and fresh dish to add to your repertoire! Greek salad is always jam packed with great flavours like feta, tomato and onions making it full of texture and robust ingredients. The satiating factors get turned up a notch with freshly cooked and cooled lentils added into the mix.

No matter what type of lentils you use, a Greek salad is a great meal that goes well alongside many other dishes.


Chickpeas Garlic Pasta

For an extra bonus, checkout this Chickpeas Garlic Pasta! An authentic Italian Pasta Soup recipe.